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Negative reviews

Addressing situations where guests leave negative reviews in response to a host’s legitimate complaints, we employ strategic approaches to resolve conflicts and ensure fair representation on the platform.

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Guest Damages

Handling cases where guests cause damage to your property, we utilise our experience and data insights to assess damages, negotiate resolutions, and facilitate fair compensation to restore your property’s condition.

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Account Restoration

When faced with the potential loss of access to your Airbnb account due to disputes or policy violations, our mediation services drafts compelling appeals  on your behalf, presenting compelling arguments and evidence to reinstate account privileges whenever possible.

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10/10. HostDispute swiftly resolved a guest damage dispute that had me stressed for weeks. Thanks to them, I saved countless hours and got back to hosting with peace of mind.

David Smith


HostDispute saved my Airbnb hosting experience! Their tool navigated a complicated dispute with finesse, securing a favourable outcome in record time. I highly recommend their services to any host in need.

Emily Brown


HostDispute is a game-changer for Airbnb hosts! With their assistance, I successfully tackled a retaliatory review dispute within days, saving me valuable time and allowing me to focus on providing exceptional guest experiences.

Lauren Zimmerman


HostDispute mediated an account banning issue on my behalf, saving me weeks of frustration and uncertainty. Thanks to their quick intervention, I was back to hosting in no time.

Michael Rodriquez


Wish I started using this sooner – my guest damage dispute was handled efficiently, saving me hours of back-and-forth communication. I’m impressed by their ability to expedite the resolution process.

Ahmed Ali


HostDispute came to my rescue when I was drowning in a sea of Airbnb troubles. Within days, they resolved a complex issue that would have taken me weeks or months to sort out on my own. Highly recommend!

Daniel Thompson


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Frequently asked questions

How does HostDispute work?
HostDispute utilises data analysis from thousands of successful cases to craft effective dispute resolutions for Airbnb hosts. Our process involves assessing the details of your dispute, formulating a strategy, and advocating on your behalf to achieve the best possible outcome.
How does HostDispute use data from successful cases to assist hosts?
We analyse data from thousands of successful Airbnb dispute cases to identify patterns, strategies, and best practices. This analysis helps us know what works, maximising chances of success.
Can HostDispute guarantee a successful outcome in Airbnb disputes?
While we cannot guarantee specific outcomes due to the unpredictable nature of disputes, we leverage our expertise and data-driven approach to maximise the likelihood of a favourable resolution.
What happens if the dispute cannot be resolved through mediation?
In cases where mediation is unsuccessful, we explore alternative options such as arbitration or legal recourse, depending on the circumstances and your preferences.
What types of Airbnb disputes does HostDispute handle?
HostDispute specialises in various types of Airbnb disputes, including retaliatory review disputes, guest damage disputes, and account banning mediation.
How long does it typically take to resolve a dispute with HostDispute?
The duration can vary depending on the complexity of the case and the responsiveness of the other party or Airbnb. However, we strive to resolve disputes efficiently while prioritising the best interests of our clients.
Is HostDispute’s service available worldwide?
Yes, HostDispute offers its services globally to Airbnb hosts facing disputes.
Is HostDispute’s service confidential?
Yes, HostDispute respects the confidentiality of our clients and their disputes. We handle all information with the utmost discretion and privacy.

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